Sustainable Development Goal 6 is crystal clear: water for all by 2030.

Achieving this goal relies on the participation of a range of stakeholders, including businesses, who both impact on, and depend upon our shared water resources. Even in a water rich country like Ireland, we face enormous water challenges. As a country, we use over 3 billion litres of water each day, with industry and agribusiness accounting for up to 73% of this. With a predicted 40% gap between global water supply and demand by 2030, this is clearly one of the critical sustainability challenges of our time. To address this challenge, decisive collective action by industry and national stakeholders is required.

On Thursday, the 14th March, Irish Water, Central Solutions and the Lean & Green Skillnet launched their Certified Water Steward Programme in Dublin. This programme is important as it will help Irish businesses improve their water stewardship practices and accelerate their path towards smart water management. This innovative programme is internationally accredited and will provide participants with the knowledge and skills to identify and deliver verified water savings, while also working towards global and corporate sustainability goals and commitments.

Yvonne Harris, Head of Customer Operations at Irish Water, welcomes attendees to the Launch of the Certified Water Steward Pilot.

So, while in Ireland we do face significant challenges, through innovation and joint endeavour we can reframe our water challenges into a key part of our national competitiveness, while also ensuring a sustainable water future for all. Water Stewardship principles can help Ireland build improved resilience to water scarcity and climate change, while putting Irish industry in a position to compete in a water-scarce world.

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