Integrated Water Management Platform

Resulting from over fifteen years of collaborative R&D effort across hundreds of manufacturing and service sites, the SmartWater™ Platform offers integrated access to a suite of innovative and powerful water stewardship tools, enabling you to manage, monitor and optimise your sites water usage and stewardship activities in one place.


A datapoint is a channel of data with any unit, any numeric value. It might for example be a time series water flow data feed from a device such as a datalogger or submeter gateway. It could also be a single water quantity or quality parameter being extracted from your existing Building Management System or Laboratory Information Management System.

This will depend on the data infrastructure you have in place. We can link directly to your data loggers or to any existing automated meter reading sources be they third party cloudbased solutions or in-house systems, Please contact us to discuss the solution that best meets your needs. 

No. Individual training programmes are charged on a per user basis according to their individual needs. Please contact us to discuss corporate wide training subscriptions. 

Yes. We would be happy to discuss the best approach to larger integration needs. 

Next Steps

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