Helping members achieve water stewardship leadership

The Large Water Users CoP provides a platform for global organisations and leaders to exchange new ideas and foster new thinking around the most pressing water-related challenges of today. Since its establishment in 2013, member companies have collaborated to  adopt better water stewardship practices and in many cases participating sites have achieved international recognition for their water stewardship leadership.

Quarterly Meetings attended by members focus on the sharing of best practice, highlighting the value of the network as a forum for water management challenges to be shared and discussed in an open and collaborative manner across organisational boundaries. These meetings are restricted to practitioners from industrial and services sites who have responsibility for addressing the day to day challenges the management of water brings.

The member firms also collaborate on cutting edge water research, new national skills and training initiatives and the development of innovative tools and standards to underpin better water stewardship practices at their sites.

Supporting Members of the CoP

The Large Water Users Community of Practice group consists of a growing portfolio of leading firms across Pharmaceutical, Food  and Drink, Manufacturing and Public Sectors.

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