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Large Water Users CoP

Helping members achieve water stewardship leadership

The Large Water Users CoP provides a platform for global organisations and leaders to exchange new ideas and foster new thinking around the most pressing water-related challenges of today. Over the last number of years, our team has worked with members to adopt better water stewardship practices and achieve water stewardship leadership.

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The Community of Practice initiative was established in December 2013 with support from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) under the STRIVE Programme: 2013 Green Enterprise Call.

Quarterly Meetings attended by members focus on the sharing of best practice, highlighting the value of the network as a forum for water management challenges to be shared and discussed in an open and collaborative manner across organisational boundaries.

The EPA, Irish Water, Enterprise Ireland and IDA Ireland are currently all active participants in the quarterly group meetings, ensuring the initiative remains complementary to other national initiatives while providing a mechanism for greater awareness and dialogue around the shared challenges facing all stakeholders.

Recent Keynote Speakers:

Dr. Corina Carpentier, Expert on Water Quality and Monitoring Technologies
Dr. Stuart Gibb, Director of the Environmental Research Institute
Dr. Thomas Track, Head of Water technologies at DECHEMA