NEW: Certified Water Steward Programme with Irish Water

A Certified Programme for Water Stewardship

Irish Water have partnered with Central Solutions and the Lean & Green Skillnet to develop and deliver an innovative water stewardship and conservation training programme in Spring 2019. The programme aims to support Irish businesses as they seek to improve their water stewardship practices and impacts.

The Certified Water Steward programme is accredited by EWS and draws on the experiences on the Large Water Users Community of Practice, an initiative focused on the collaborative development of specialised water stewardship programmes and management tools. The programme is open to Irish Water business customers who are looking to reduce water consumption and operating costs, while boosting reputation and protecting the environment.

Programme Overview:

The programme consists of five online modules and two workshop days: –

Module 1 – Introduction to Water Stewardship
Module 2 – Water Mapping of your Business
Module 3 – Baselining and Monitoring
Module 4 – Water Conservation & Quick Wins at your site
Module 5 – Developing a Strategy & Action Plan for Water Stewardship

Assessment – As part of the programme, participants will prepare a Water Charter for their facility. The charter will capture the business case for action, their site’s current state, water saving opportunities and an agreed action plan

The Rationale:

Save Water and Money: The programme will provide participants with the knowledge and skills to identify and deliver verified water and related resource efficiency savings at their site.
Funded programme – The costs of the training programme will be co-funded by Irish Water and the Lean & Green Skillnet enabling participating firms to nominate one member of staff to be trained as a Certified Water Steward and lead water improvement initiatives at the site.
Protect the environment – Participants will learn the key principles of water stewardship and what actions are required to improve their site’s environmental performance and credentials
Achieve Certification – Boost your company’s reputation by having a certified water steward onsite and an approved action plan for the longer term. This will assist with meeting corporate sustainability commitments including for Origin Green and other reporting initiatives.

To register your interest for the programme, please contact

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